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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zen Jewelz, Gemstones from the Earth

Everyone needs a little help in their lives, wether its with confidence, stress management, luck or creativity.  I needed a little help in some areas, so I contacted Zen Jen of Zen Jewelz to see if she could send me some positive energy.  She asked me what energy I wanted to incorporate into my life, and after I told her, she sent me a gorgeous bracelet made out of Tigers Eye. 
Tigers Eye is most recognized for bringing money, protection, courage and luck.  It builds confidence and clear thinking and speaking, it also allows us to recognize both our talents and our faults, and helps change anxiety and fear into practicality and logic.  Tigers Eye is a stone for people who need more confidence to accomplish their goals.  It may seem crazy, but as soon as I activated my bracelet, great things started happening.  Quite a few opportunities have opened up to me and things are moving along in such a positive direction.  As I sit here and write this, I have a huge grin on my face because of how amazing my day has been so far.  I'm really huge doubting Thomas but I really cannot deny the energy that the bracelet has given me.

"Stringing together enchanted pieces, I choose only the highest quality of gemstones. Then, using Reiki and the Native American tradition of smudging, I cleanse and charge the energy of each stone. Every finished piece offers a specific energy to support the wearer on their personal journey." - Zen Jen

Zen Jen offers so many different gemstones, and you can browse the index before you decide which one of the pieces fits you the best.  These gemstones are being worn by celebrities as well.  All of the jewelry is made of the finest quality natural stones, and each stretchy bracelet comes with a little silver Karma Tag that is customizable.  These would make an amazing gift for someone special in your life.  Take a look around the site and if you like what you see, become a fan of Zen Jen on Facebook!


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