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Monday, July 18, 2011

Midwest Moms Media Brands and Bloggers Summit

Since my first blogger meet up last year (Blogger's Brunch)  I have been waiting for another one to be happening in my area, well it did, it was awesome.  MJ Tam, of Chicagonista, put together an amazing event, the Midwest Moms Media Brands and Bloggers Summit.  The day was filled with speakers that offered great advice for bloggers as well as PR, networking with the great sponsors as well as all the lovely ladies that were in attendance, and some yummy food.   I learned quite a bit and it was just what I needed, a little motivation....a little fire under my butt....  Amongst those speaking was Nancy Loo of WGN and Miss Lori, the first ever live host for the PBS Kids Preschool Block (Ask your kid about Miss Lori's Campus)

You know you are at a blogger conference when everyone is on their laptops and tweeting on their smart phones, love it!

Here is me stalking Miss Lori.  I told my son she would be there and he requested a picture.  She was so sweet and ran out to her car to get her autograph cards.  She even took the same pic with her camera to put on her Facebook page so that Maddox would know it was really her....its up there, I checked :)
One of the sponsors, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.  See those stacks of games?  Yea, each pile was worth over $250 and they gave away 5 of those to 5 lucky ladies.
Nancy Loo (on the left) of WGN
Someone really needs to tell me where these are from because they were divine.
Um, yes, there was even a random haircut done by the Mafia Hairdresser

Oh yea, and this is the car I totally want now.  Thanks to one of the sponsors, GMC, I got the run down on this hot Acadia. 

If you are a blogger who has been thinking about attending some sort of blogger meet up, DO IT.  Seriously, it is so nice to be in the company of people who do what you do, who get what you do, and you will learn so much....and make some great new friends.


Lisa Noel said...

It was a great day. I was up for 22 hours and it was so worth it.

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Looks and sounds like it was a lot fun. I still have yet to make it to my first blogging conference but can't wait to go to one... I'm shooting for next summer. (*fingers crossed*)

Jen said...

It was a blast and it was fantastic to meet you! We look fantastic in our pic! :)

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