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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Boredom Box

What do you do when your kids get in trouble?  Ground them of course, no TV, no video games....  but seriously, who are you really punishing with this...only yourself.  Don't get me wrong, my kids don't spend all day in front of the TV, but its nice when I need to get some stuff done, to be able to get a break from all the "mommy, mommy, mom....."  by letting them play a video game or watch a movie. 

Last weekend we took them to this event called WWII Days (post with many pics to come) because I am obsessed with learning anything and everything WWII related.  It was an awesome event and trust me, they were not bored, but they were sooooo whiny.  Even when we first got there and were just barely walking to the gates, someone was already tired of walking and wanted to be carried (insert rolling of the eyes here).  To make a long story short, the day ended with both of them getting grounded, dang it.

The next day was probably the longest day of my life.....plus the weather was rainy so they couldn't go outside.....I had to think of something and FAST.

I came up with the Boredom Box.  I went to the dollar store and the dollar section at Target and stocked up on all sorts of crafty things, coloring books, puzzles, silly putty and whatnot and put them all in a plastic tub labeled The Boredom Box.  Now the rules are you can only take one thing out a day, and unless it is something that gets used up, it has to go back into the box when you are done.  I was not really sure how well this would work since most of the stuff in there is stuff they already have or have had in the past and don't really play with, but I think the whole rule of taking one thing then returning it, made this box seem so much more special.

You would think I had bought them a pony, they were so excited and my 4 year old was telling everyone about it.  They are not grounded anymore, but they still ask if they can get something out of the Boredom Box rather than playing video games, so all in all this was a success.  I may have to add some stuff soon so they don't get bored with the boredom box.


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