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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Year's Worth of Memories in One Place

About half way through the school year, my kids bring home order forms for their yearbooks.  At the end of the school year they bring them home, excited to see what's inside and how many times they can find their pictures.  Although the yearbooks are a nice memory, they lack the personalization that I would like.  I know its impossible to focus on every kid and every activity, that is why I'm so excited that Shutterfly now offers photo yearbooks!  Shutterfly has always been a name I trust when it came to all my photo printing needs, so I knew these yearbooks would be awesome.
The yearbooks start at only $5 and you can contact Shutterfly for a discount on bulk orders on 10 or more books.  But you don't have to order a bunch, you can make a personalized yearbook for just your child and include all of their extra curricular activities and special achievements that school yearbooks don't include.  These are a really great way to remember their school year.  Unlike school yearbooks, you have options for soft cover or hard cover books, as well as size, making them even more personalized.

What I like best is the layouts and fun, modern graphics.  These are so much nicer than what our school offers.  Books like these will be looked at over and over.

You can check out Shutterfly on any of their social media channels, Click on the link to follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

**This post is sponsored by Shutterfly, all opinions are my own**


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